Royal Escape Master Logo No Date with URLRoyal Escape Race Update 20 April 2022

Race cancelled 

Last night (19 April) the Sussex Yacht Club board discussed at length the forthcoming Royal Escape Race.

Irrespective of the current level of planning and work already done to deliver the race, during an extended debate the board considered if the ongoing effort required to ensure a satisfactory event was beyond the capabilities of the current Royal Escape Race committee in the time available. It was accepted that delays had accrued largely due to uncertainties and changing official guidance on cross channel sailing. With regards to the available resources, Flag officers reminded the board that the club was committed to hosting a successful Sussex Regatta in early June.

A vote was taken resulting in me being directed to cancel the 2022 event.

I was requested to start preparing for a relaunched RER in 2023. Flag Officers gave me assurances that in the longer term, support will be given to bolster the resources available to the Royal Escape Committee.

Having been the race organiser since 2008, this decision weighs very heavy, and for those that have been planning to sail this year you have my heartfelt apologies.

Yours in Sailing

Steve Vyse
Chairman, Royal Escape Committee

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Offshore Special Regulations Update


There is much talk about the new Keel and Rudder inspections required under ISAF Offshore Special Regulations. It has been brouight to our attention that following a pushback over the speed this requirement had been brought in, there has been a change published in February 2022 so that the new rule will not become effective until 1 January 2023, so there is no requirement at this time for an inspection before the Royal Escape Race. However, it makes sense for boats being hauled out during the year to have a suitable inspection made and the offer from Marine Surveyor, Aidan Tucket detailed below is worth considering.

Robin Stevenson, Rear Commodore at SYC has published the following guidance on the Offshore Special Regulations as reproduced below.

The Royal Escape Race requirements mirror those of Sussex Yacht Club.

Guidance on Official Requirements

Sailing to and from France/UK with the Royal Escape Race is no longer quite as simple as it used to be, but the desire to make things work as smoothly as possible is bearing fruit and as long as participants follow these guidelines all should be well.

Having said that, this guidance is from the race organisers so is guidance rather than gospel. If your own reserach or experience shows something different then please let us know so we can amend these words - we are all learning and working with changing regulations on both shores.

These notes were last updated 10 April 2022.

Where does the money go?

Sailability Access Dinghy

Over the years I've heard bar skippers pontificating at how the Sussex Yacht Club must be making a packet from the Royal Escape Race, which is just wrong. The truth is that not a single penny collected from race entries or donated by our valued sponsors goes to SYC or benefits any of the organising team, who are all volunteers. The efforts of the SYC Office is given free as is the website.