Race Documents

All the information you need for a succesful Royal Escape Race is contained in the various supporting documents which you can download from here.

Skippers will find hard copies of these documents will also be provided to them in their race packs which are given out at the briefing held at Sussex Yacht Club on Thursday 24 May 2018 from 19:00.

2016 Documents Description Download Link
Fleet Splits Shows which boats are in which class. To be published ››
Sailing Instructions The key document to be carried aboard. To be published ››  
Start Sheet Diagram and instructions for starting (Large file 2.9mb). To be published ››  
Finish Sheet Diagram and instructions for finishing (Large file 1.7mb). To be published ››  
Declaration A Sailing Declaration Form. To be published ››  
Declaration B Motor sailing declaration form (only if you are SCCH and use engine). To be published ››  
Event Programe Details of what, where and when it is all happening. To be published ››  
Boat Numbers Sheet    About the race number dodgers that are issued to all boats. To be published ››  
Safety Comms Sheet Essential contact details to be carried aboard. To be published ››  
Notice of Race Declaring the event open for entries with outline details. To be published ››  
Paper Entry Form Only for luddites who insist the internet is a fad that will soon go away. To be published ››