Premier Marinas Brighton Berthing for 2018

These are the berthing bookings for Premier Marinas Brighton made so far - if you are not on this list then you'll pay standard rather than discounted rates;

NameName of boatLengthDraftPlanned arrival date
Sara de WinterRenne16.52.5Thursday 24 May 2018
DESCHODT Jean-MarcPoivre et Sail9.201.79Wednesday 23 May 2018
tenierecaptain cap 29.121.7wenesday 23 mai end of day
Martin StreeterHUMDINGER12.51.2Monday 21st May
Fauquet LucienEZRA9.821.9523/05/18
Michael SharplesSea Scamp12.51.8Tuesday 22nd May
winsbackSHORTGOOD10.41.824 early morning
Mulot jacquyMistral Gagnant10,51,523 may
livetkarabistouille 310.21.6523/05/2018 pm
DuboisLilliput9,601,80Wednesday 23rd May
guihard pierreBriséis8.50323/05/2018
Serge LEVARAYMickey Mos9.85 m1.9 mLate 23 May
Yves LEMARCHANDMarsupilami9.6m1.9mLate 23 May
Dominique CHALOTKornogin9.1m1.3mLate 23 May
Pierre LAIRBarcavela9.5m1.45mLate 23 May
Jerry HEBERTCalmos9.6mLate 23 May

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