Two Weeks and GO!

The Royal Escape Race is now only a couple of weeks away and the early bird discount of just over £50 will be switched off at midnight 10 May 2019.

Each year I panic that only a few will enter the race and right now I’m frowning - the early bird discount period ends tonight and at the moment we have just 34 boats signed up. Looking at the entry list there are a lot of regulars missing, so I am hoping that they are waiting until the weather situation is clear before jumping aboard. Well for those studying the meteo my own seaweed is suggesting high pressure and ideal race conditions. Of course I have been wrong before, but my money is on a quick crossing after a westward start!

I have been asked about the loss of our race sponsor BD Foods and John himself has asked me if I would publish his own words on the matter, so here they are…

I have been proud to be the lead sponsor for all these years and I wish all fellow sailors my level best with safe sailing and really hope that my record will fall at some point in the near future, I shall be watching. However the time has come for BD Foods to bow out, we have had an outstanding offer for BD Foods from a multi-national Swedish Company, we were not up for sale, not at all, but as with all things everything can be up for sale for the right price! We are now proud to be a part of AAK AB, and I am remaining at the helm for a year and then I shall be on to new waters. My Italian wife and I shall be moving to Southern Italy where she is from and will look to some fine sailing down from Bari or Brindisi down to the Greek Islands. I wish you all well, and again have been really pleased and proud to have been a sponsor and long live the race and all who sail in it!

Yours Aye,

John Davis

I would like to make it clear that John Davis has without question been the most generous patron the Royal Escape Race has ever had, and his contributions have made a huge difference both for us and for the charities we help and I do hope that at some point I shall see his name on the race entry list again.

Anyway I am sure you all have lots to do on a Friday getting ready for another weekend afloat, but if you have yet to enter then perhaps you have a few moments in your busy day to save yourself £50 before I switch off the early bird discount tonight.

If you have any questions please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Steve Vyse

For the Royal Escape Race Organising Committee