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Updated 12 March 2021

After cancelling the 2020 Race we have been doing all we can to get the 2021 race away... 

The current thinking is that although there appears to be a lifting of barriers on the UK side, the situation in France remains very unclear with regards to both post-Brexit regulations and the covid situation. We have consulted with the RYA and other clubs and organisations invoved with cross-channel events, and there seems to be little concensus on the best way forwards.

I have been receiving quite a mailbag from interested skippers, so here's the current position. We will be making a go-no-go decision at the end of March, but I must say that I am not at all hopeful.

In the event that we cannot go ahead with the Royal Escape in 2021, then there is a plan B being worked on for a long coastal event, possibly heading for Ramsgate, with entries open to all, organised by the joint sussex yacht clubs (Sussex Yacht Club, Brighton Marina Yacht Club and Sovereign Harbour Yacht Club).

Sorry I can’t offer any clarity at this stage - events beyond our control have made things rather difficult, but I have every confidence that 2022 will happen, but with the changes to Bank Holiday dates we have not fixed the race date yet. Once a decision has been taken I’ll be publicising on website and with a email shot to all.


Steve Vyse
Chairman, Royal Escape Committee

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Studio Simoom Photos

Warwick Baker was out with his RIB to photograph the 2019 fleet after the race start and you can order either high resolution images for personal use or quality prints. He has published three galleries of photos on his Studio Simoom website.

Where does the money go?

Sailability Access Dinghy

Over the years I've heard bar skippers pontificating at how the Sussex Yacht Club must be making a packet from the Royal Escape Race, which is just wrong. The truth is that not a single penny collected from race entries or donated by our valued sponsors goes to SYC or benefits any of the organising team, who are all volunteers. The efforts of the SYC Office is given free and even this website has been developed at no charge.