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Updated 17 March 2020

It is with huge sadness that we have decided to cancel the Royal Escape Race for 2020

Corona VirusThe current corona virus situation is clearly very serious and the impact on everyday life on both sides of the channel is significant. Current indications are that the corona virus outbreak is expected to peak in May 2020 which is when we were to race.

Rescheduling the race from 22 May to an alternative date later in the year is impractible, especially as we have no idea of how the situation will develop during the year.

So, in the spirit of staying cheerful, put this date in your diary - Friday 28 May 2021 - for that is the day the 43rd Royal Escape Race will set sail for France. Our plans for this year will be delivered then, including a new class for those wishing to support the race by sailing to Fécamp but not actually racing, and importantly, a new option for those racing over that run out of breeze with only a few miles left before they cross the finishing line.

In the mean time stay safe and make sure you have registered for our mailing list through which we publish race news and document and notify our supporters of website updates.

Studio Simoom Photos

Warwick Baker was out with his RIB to photograph the 2019 fleet after the race start and you can order either high resolution images for personal use or quality prints. He has published three galleries of photos on his Studio Simoom website.

Where does the money go?

Sailability Access Dinghy

Over the years I've heard bar skippers pontificating at how the Sussex Yacht Club must be making a packet from the Royal Escape Race, which is just wrong. The truth is that not a single penny collected from race entries or donated by our valued sponsors goes to SYC or benefits any of the organising team, who are all volunteers. The efforts of the SYC Office is given free and even this website has been developed at no charge.